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• Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

A story told by Reverend Susan Nachtigal, Senior Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, ELCA, in Worcester, MA

Dr. Horrigan, as a young priest –
was assigned to start a congregation.
So the people gathered and worshiped for 6 ½ years –
and began to shape the life of a parish.
After some time,
a local reporter was curious about what was going on –
so he visited Dr. Horrigan and asked:
“So, are you going to build a church?”
Dr. Horrigan replied:
“We’re actually building a church right now…
….eventually we will put a building around it.”

His answer was not meant to be flip.
It was to get at the church
as something more than a location –
marked by bricks and mortar,
but the people.

…it was to reflect the essence of the Holy, Blessed Trinity –
…the God of the church…
as being, not a doctrine –
but the Living God…!
the Ever-creating God…!
committed to BEING –
in relationship with the people:
energizing, …knitting together…
redeeming… and making new .

Life… with this Living God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Life …in the Church …with God’s people
has as a part of its very nature and identity –

an abandonment of solitary-ness –
an abandonment of self-centeredness –

and CELEBRATES the commitment and identity
of BEING community….of BEING in relationship.

Reverend Susan Nachtigal

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