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• Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Our thanks to Keith Giles for sharing these ideas!


-IDOLIZING THE BUILDING. Do you spend an excessive portion of your time and money on creating the campus, developing its attachments or maintaining your inherited monument? It’s the people who are the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

-MISREPRESENTING THE TITHE. The tithe should not be compulsory. All offerings should be voluntary and freely given if one wishes and is also able. The first 700 years of Christianity saw no mandatory scheme for determining offerings. We learn from the Bible that gifts of any size are of spiritual value

-IGNORING THE POOR. God’s heart is open to the poor and the outcast. We are expected to also bless and love the poor among us. Matthew 25 tells us that the sheep will be divided from the goats on the basis of how they cared for the poor they encountered in life.

-GLORIFYING THE PASTOR. The Pastor was not the head of the church in the New Testament. The epistles were not addressed to a pastor but to the people themselves. The temple, the priesthood and the sacrifice are all important to the worship of God. In the New Testament the people themselves are the temple, the priesthood and the daily sacrifice.

-YEARNING FOR POLITICAL POWER. New Testament Christians found themselves surrounded by a hostile pagan government. They did not form coalitions. They did not resort to or condone violence. They did not force legislation through lobbying. Instead, they turned the world upside down by imitating their Lord Jesus Christ.

-BEING BUSINESS MINDED. In the New Testament, the Church is called a Bride, a Family and a Spiritual House but never a business judged by business standards.

-DISCIPLE MAKING OR CONVERT PRODUCING? Counting hands at expensive pageants and plays may produce a list of new converts but where is the attention to the real work of turning converts into disciples? Conversion isn’t a touchdown. It’s the whistle that starts the game.

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