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• Thursday, February 05th, 2015

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 If your church is considering the selling option, one of the sadnesses faced by your congregation is the potential loss of long established friendships. What happens to our beloved church family if the church doors close?  Finishing with Grace addresses not only the loss of a building, but the fears of not seeing our “church buddies” anymore.

It is important to remember that friendships will survive.
There is a poem called Friends for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime.  As I write this, I have purposely not read the poem because I want to put my personal spin on this interesting premise.
As we age – and look back over our lives – it’s easy to place friendships within the category of reason, season or lifetime. People that were so important to me during my high school years are mostly forgotten. Only one friend from my childhood fell into the lifetime category.  She passed away last summer – but she is still my lifetime friend.
Friends in my “early business career” and “single living in Boston” days seemed so important at the time.  There was a camaraderie then, but now we barely keep in touch.  The exception is one dear friend who has stayed close over the years and over the miles (she now lives in Washington state). She is another lifetime friend.
There have been many reason friends and season friends that  have come out of various organizations I have belonged to over the years.  I have one friend that I met while working on a committee several years back and she is now in the lifetime friend category.
I consider many in my church family to be lifetime friends.  We share a religious history (and oh so many church committee meetings!) that will always be a part of us – even if we are no longer worshipping together on a Sunday morning.  No matter where I am in my own life journey, my beloved church friends will always be there for me – as I am for them.