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• Monday, July 20th, 2015

ENCORE BLOG by Gretchen

Years ago, I was in a store and the woman in front of me inadvertently dropped a twenty dollar bill on the floor as she was taking her wallet out of her purse.  Without giving it much thought, I picked up the $20 and handed it back to her.

At first, she was embarrassed to have made the mistake of dropping money.  Then she was astounded that I hadn’t kept the money for myself. Then this look of amazement went across her face, she smiled at me, and said “You’re a religious person, aren’t you?  I can always tell. It seems to me that people of faith live differently than other people – you are honest and kind and ethical and compassionate. I think I may have to learn more about different faiths to see what you know that I don’t!”

I’ve never forgotten that woman or what she said.  She was really on to something.  Shouldn’t this be true for all people of faith? If you and I believe in God and try to live like our particular faith teaches us to, our lives will look different to the rest of the world.  We have this habit of worshipping and revering God, listening to the teachings and figure we’ve done our “religious duty.”  But for me, our duty as people of faith goes far beyond knowing what’s right and true.  Our duty is to do what is right and true, to live out the teachings of faith in such a way that the world around us sees something different in us. Something admirable.  Something they would like to become.

When we talk about church growth, we talk about making church look wonderful and exciting.

We talk about inviting new people in.  I can think of no better way to “advertise” our joy in Christian life, and making it look appealing and valuable, than by living it out in our lives, by allowing others to see the values and compassion of our faith working within us.  By making it our goal to have others witness our lives and say, “You’re a person of faith, aren’t you? I can always tell.”