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• Tuesday, December 01st, 2015
Encore post

As one ages, it’s more difficult to find holiday spirit. Oh, it’s out there – just look at small child’s reaction to everything from being a wise man in the Christmas nativity to seeing Santa Claus at the local mall.

Alas – for us non-children, the holidays are more apt to be about dealing with not having enough money or time, facing stresses and pressures, negative dynamics and disappointments. The list of reasons for not having any holidays spirit could take up this entire blog; but let’s take another approach.

What feeds you during this season? As you rush through the weeks before Christmas – are there any quiet moments that give you an “ahhhh….” feeling?

Here’s my list – and if even one of them reminds you of what makes you feel good about this season, this blog has been a success.

• The aforementioned image of a small child in a wise man costume at a church nativity (ditto the excitement of seeing a child’s reaction to Santa).
• Certain Christmas music, especially singing In Excelsious Dios with the Gloria chorus. Add singing Silent Night (by candlelight) at a Christmas Eve service
• Some of the old Hollywood black and white movies from the 40s and 50s (like Christmas in Connecticut). And, yeah, the very funny The Christmas Story with Peter Billingsley.
• A well-performed version of the Christmas Carol by Dickens
• Light snow on Christmas eve (okay – that works in New England, maybe not where you live).
• The Sundays leading up to Christmas in which we are reminded of the Christmas story and sing Away in a Manger.
• Lighting the Advent Candle each week
• Preparing for and putting on the church’s Holiday Christmas Fair. People dynamics and fiefdoms not withstanding, what a great fellowship gathering.
• Teaching the Christmas story to children in Sunday School.
• Going caroling to the church shut-ins. (Okay I don’t do this one since I’m not a singer, but still…)
• Buying gifts for needy children and taking food to the local food pantry.
• Some holiday Christmas parties, but not all.
• Seeing my grandkids Christmas morning: the wonderment before the frenzied gift opening.
• A quiet moment on Christmas Eve when everyone else has gone to bed and I stop to ponder all that has happened to bring me joy (and spirit) in the past year.

Now, my friends- begin your lists and…Happy Holidays!