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• Thursday, June 02nd, 2016
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Over the past few years, my church has become a lot more musical. It could be our minister or the make up of our congregation, it could be our worship space, or maybe this is happening all over the place.

The buoyant sounds of the new church music is fun – no complaint here. We sing more, we smile more, we praise God through joyous songs. Who wouldn’t love that? Okay – I acknowledge that some churches feel differently about sacred music and that’s fine.

I do have one problem with the music at my church – the hand clapping to the more upbeat music. Just to clarify – I love it when everyone is clapping – feeling it – going with the beat. And if they all sway to the music – more power to them.

But it’s MY clapping that concerns me. I have no natural rhythm – none. I’m even toe tapping challenged. So when everyone around me is clapping to a musical beat, I join in only when the whole room is involved – and I carefully watch my neighbors’ hands so that my clapping is in synch.

I’m not the only one. There are several of us who simply don’t have the ability to go with the sound, to clap to a beat. Hey, I’m a lousy dancer, too.

So this is a message to the clappers – and the non clappers – whether in church or or any public musical event.

Hey, clappers: More power to you. I love that the music moves you and that your joy is so infectious that it lights up the room.

You non-clappers: It’s okay. As long as you’re not standing their scowling, it’s fine to observe. Well, I wouldn’t stand there like a stone. Please try to be engaged. But if feeling the beat is not your thing, so be it.

But here’s the core thing: Just because I’m not clapping – and swaying and gyrating, that doesn’t mean I disapprove of those who are. I love being in a room that feels the spirit – a room that is rocking with good sounds. I’m not standing there being judgmental; being ole sober sides. I just simply can’t do it. I can fake it a little, but I’d be the one who’s clap is off by a nano second, or the one who sways to the sounds like a robot.

So clap on – lift the roof with joy. But please don’t think badly of me if I simply smile happily. And – okay – my toe might tap a little bit.