Finishing With Grace:  A Guide to Selling, Merging or Closing Your Church

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Linda Hilliard and Gretchen Switzer
Authors of “Finishing With Grace”

Linda and Gretchen have combined their considerable talents and experience to create a new book for churches that find themselves at a critical crossroad where ending their ministry may be a possibility.   We do not recommend church closings, but recognize that in this day and age many faith communities are being forced to close for a wide variety of reasons.  Some decisions to close churches come from a church hierarchy, as in the many Roman Catholic church closings in recent years.  Other congregations find themselves running out of money, recovering from pastoral betrayal, such as sexual abuse by a pastor, or  living in a rapidly aging, less-wealthy congregation.    Finishing With Grace:  A Guide to Selling, Merging or Closing Your Church provides guidance for congregations facing these sort of situations.  Our advice is extremely practical, but also includes how to address the spiritual, emotional and psychological aspects  of this kind of life-changing transition so that it is accomplished faithfully.   Vignettes highlighting specific events experienced by the authors bring the book down to the most meaningful personal level.

Congregations undergoing such traumatic decisions tend to feel very alone.  Finishing with Grace is a wonderful companion for the journey — a guide, a resource and a reminder that you are not alone.

Reverend Terry Fitzgerald, Pastor of United Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, has this to say about Finishing with Grace

This book is incredibly helpful to congregations considering thepossibility of closing their church doors; it gives them the tools andthe courage they need to go through this process. You lead acongregation step-by-step through every detail, as well as naming thedeep emotional layers, both conscious and unconscious. I especially love the stories and anecdotes – both real and useful. You describe how to talk about everything and creative ways to deal with the wide variety of responses to this “earthshaking” and “faith-shaking” decision – and how it may even deepen faith. Lovely, fantastic job!! With thanks from all who are faced with this momentous decision.”

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